Our Vision

To be the best innovative technology based solution provider

Our Goal

To create an eco-system to deliver values for ALL... customer, people and society through collaborative value creation system.

Our Story

In the world of corporate industries, innovation, maniacal people and customer centricity and overall uplifting of societies they operate in, is over ruled by complex business driver based algorithms like revenue & margin. We understand these are important aspects for a business but also found out that these are outcome of what we do and how we do it. Hence our focus went on improving the drivers of the business than focusing on outcomes, which ultimately comes.

We fear that many innovations get killed before even they see a light of the day or till the time they come to some shape or get sabotaged by own due to unclear path they take. We felt that if these concepts are cultivated and germinated, it will be good for overall industries and people alike. Hence, we started mentoring them, giving them direction and strategic support to enhance their thought to full-fledged organization.

We believe that every individual has some or other potential, if nurtured and allowed to work in their own interest will yield a lot to overall society and business alike. Hence offering a right set of jobs basis their interest and capabilities than their background and skill is what we believe will yield fabulous results.

We believed that to achieve all this and remain viable in the cut throat competitive environment we are in, we believed in eco-system of co-ownership. If collective objectives are achieved, it will help everyone who owns these objectives be it customer, partners and people will only WIN. Imagine the power of what we call "Collective Objectives" and "Collaborative Achievements". Hence, we truly believe this to be a system of only WIN-WIN... nothing else.

Meet the Team

Exceptional People & Partners

Pravin Solo Photo

Pravin Upadhyay

Founder & CEO

Pravin had been known in IT & ITeS industries as technology geek and business achiever through collaborative practices that he practiced in his more than 2 decades of association with industries. A Master of Technology (M.Tech.) by education and been part of many technological evolution throughout his career and have lead business that he was part of to a sustainable growth path. He has played many technical & managerial roles in IT companies and lead complex programs and projects.

Let's Connect Together for Better Tomorrow

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